How to check a Gas Safe ID card

Every Gas Safe Registered engineer must carry their Gas Safe identification card with them when they are carrying out work. Their Gas Safe ID will have information about them, such as who they are, their licence number, the company they work for, and what work they are qualified to carry out.

Last updated - 16/09/2022

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Gas Safe ID card

When an engineer arrives at your property to conduct work on a gas appliance, they may already have their Gas Safe ID card on display. If you can not see their ID card, you can ask them to show you it to you so you can confirm they are permitted to work on your appliance. If they refuse to show you a valid Gas Safe ID card, do not allow them to carry out work at your property until you have contacted the Gas Safe Register to see if they are permitted to do so. 

A Gas Safe ID card contains information on the front and back, so it is important to check both sides to ensure they are permitted to work on your appliance.

Information on the front of a Gas Safe ID card


The front of a Gas Safe ID card contains the following information:

  • A photograph of the engineer: This is to confirm that the engineer is the person the ID card relates to.

  • The company they work for: To confirm that they work for the company you contacted to carry out the gas work.

  • The start and expiry date: To confirm that their licence is valid. Gas Safe engineers are required to renew their licence every 12 months. If the date has expired, do not let them carry out any gas work until you have contacted the Gas Safe Register to check if they are currently permitted to carry out gas work.

  • Their licence number: Each registered engineer will have a unique licence number. This will be located at the top of the ID card and also embossed across the middle of it.
  • Gas Safe security hologram: Official Gas Safe ID cards have a hologram with the Gas Safe logo on it.

Information on the back of a Gas Safe ID card


Not all Gas Safe engineers are permitted to work with all types of gas appliances or can carry out all types of gas work. The back of a Gas Safe ID card provides details of what type of gas work the engineer is qualified to work on. This will be divided into ‘Domestic’ and ‘Non-domestic’ categories and will list the type of gas the engineer can work with and an expiry date.

You should always check that the engineer has permission to work on the appliance they are attending your property to work on, for example, if they have come to fix your boiler, you should check that “Gas Boiler” is on the list. Once you have checked that they are permitted to work on the appliance, check that the date has not expired.

Staying gas safe

Besides knowing how to check a Gas Safe ID card, it is important that you know how to take care of your household’s gas appliances and that you are able to spot the early warning signs of an unsafe gas appliance.

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