Ideal Boilers Contact Numbers and More Information

Company type: Manufacturer

HQ: Hull, England

Founded: 1906

CEO: Shaun Edwards

Getting the right Ideal boilers contact details can be quite time-consuming, so we have made this page for you to have all the Ideal boilers contact details you will need, in one place.

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Ideal main reception contact number

If you’re not sure what Ideal boilers contact number you need for your enquiry, you can call the main reception on:

01482 492251

A member of their team will be able to direct you to the right department.

Ideal boilers contact number for general enuiries

If you need to contact Ideal for a general enquiry, you can contact their customer service team on:

01482 498660

Monday to Friday: 8am - 6am
Saturday and Bank Holidays (excluding Christmas Day): 8am - 4pm
Sunday: 8am - 12pm

You can also request a call back or fill out an online enquiry form by clicking the button below.

Request a callback

If you need an answer to a general enquiry but the customer service department is closed or you would just like to get answers to your questions online, click on the button below for general enquiries FAQs.

General enquiries FAQs

Register your Ideal boiler's warranty

It is vital that you register your Ideal boiler within 30 days of installation in order to validate your warranty. Your installer may have already registered your boiler for you, but if they have not, then click on the button below to register your new Ideal boiler.

Register my boiler

You will need to have your boiler’s serial number in order to complete the warranty registration process.

Where is my Ideal boiler's serial number?

You can find your Ideal boiler's serial number in one of two places:

  • On a barcoded sticker located at the top of the boiler
  • On the Benchmark certificate completed by the installer when the boiler was installed

If you can't find the serial number, contact Ideal on:

01482 498660

For more information on Ideal warranties, click here.

Give your boiler a service.

Make sure you don't invalidate your warranty. Call Smart Plan to get a boiler checkup to see if everything is in good working order.

OR 020 8146 3960

Book an Ideal boiler repair

Ideal repairs if your boiler is under warranty

If your Ideal boiler is under warranty and you need to book a repair, the Ideal boilers contact number to dial is:

01482 498660

Ideal will arrange for an engineer to inspect and repair your boiler, or if they deem a repair is not economical, they will arrange to replace the boiler.

Ideal repairs if your boiler is not under warranty

If your boiler is not under warranty and needs a repair, the Ideal boilers contact number for you to dial is:

01482 498660

You'll speak to a member of the team and be given two options to choose from:

  1. A one-off repair at a cost of £325

  2. Sign up to the Ideal Repair and Care plan for £54.99 a month for six months. The plan provides 6 months protection for boilers under 15 years old.

Alternatively, you can cover your boiler with Smart Plan from as little as £10.50 a month. Click here for more information.

Ideal boiler repairs for Maintenance and Support Plan customers

If you currently have a Maintenance and Support Plan and you need to book a repair, click on the button below.

Book a repair

Avoid unexpected costs.

With a Smart Plan cover policy, you can rest easy knowing if there's an issue with your boiler, we'll usually have you back up and running within 48 hours.

OR Find out more

Book an Ideal boiler service

You should get your boiler serviced once a year so that an engineer can make sure it's running efficiently and safely. If your boiler is still under warranty, you will need to have it serviced every year in order to keep the warranty valid.

If you would like to book a service online, you will need to register with Ideal. Be sure to have your boiler’s serial number to hand, as you will need it when registering your account.

Register     Log in

Alternatively, if you would prefer to book a service over the phone, then the Ideal boilers contact number for you to dial is:

01482 498660.

Ideal boiler service for Maintenance and Support Plans customers

If you are a Maintenance and Support Plan customer and you need to book a service, click the button below

Book a service

Give your boiler a service.

Make sure you don't invalidate your warranty. Call Smart Plan to get a boiler checkup to see if everything is in good working order.

OR 020 8146 3960

Ideal boilers technical help

If you’re having an issue with your boiler and you want to contact Ideal boilers for technical help, contact their technical support team on:

01482 498663

If you would prefer not to call and would rather browse online for technical support for your boiler, parts, and controls, you can visit the Technical Support FAQ page by clicking on the button below.

Technical FAQs

Alternatively, you can contact Ideal boiler’s technical support team via email at:

Ideal boiler parts contact number

If you need a replacement part for your boiler or its controls, call the Ideal Parts department on:

01482 498665

Ideal user guides and product literature

If you need to have a look at a manual for your Ideal boiler, thermostat controls, or accessories, click on the green button below.

Ideal user guides

Ideal’s user guides have clear instructions and easy to understand diagrams to help you keep your boiler and its controls running smoothly all year round. Browse guides and product literature online, or download them as a PDF to view at your convenience

Ideal Halo thermostat support

If you’re looking for the right Ideal boiler contact information for anything related to your Halo thermostat, you can email the Halo support team at:

Ideal boilers complaints

If you’re unhappy with an Ideal product or service and would like to make a complaint, you can contact Ideal boilers to let them know what has bothered you by filling out an online complaints form by clicking below.

Ideal complaints

A member of Ideal’s Managing Directors office should be in touch with you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

Smell gas?

If you think there is a gas leak or a carbon monoxide emergency, call the National Gas Emergency Service on:

0800 111 999

After you have made the call, follow these steps:

  1. Open doors and windows
  2. Turn off your gas supply at the meter (unless the meter is in a cellar or basement)
  3. Do NOT use electric switches or naked flames
  4. Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to check and fix the appliance as soon as you can

Still need help with your ideal boiler?

Call Smart Plan and speak to our expert engineering team free of charge.

0333 772 6247