Vaillant Ecofit Pure boiler review

Company type: Manufacturer

HQ: Remscheid, Germany

Founded: 1874

CEO: Norbert Schiedeck

The Vaillant Ecofit Pure is a popular boiler that comes as both a system and combi model to suit different home sizes and requirements. In this review, we will cover all of its features and help you pick the right sized Vaillant Ecofit Pure for your home.

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Which Vaillant Ecofit Pure boiler is suitable for you?

Vaillant Ecofit Pure - The Combi boiler

Combi boilers are ideal for households with limited space, as they do not require separate storage tanks and take up less space than traditional boilers. However, that does not mean combis are only suitable for small houses and flats.

The Vaillant Ecofit Pure combination boiler can be installed in different-sized properties with different hot water requirements, thanks to a range of outputs. Use the table below to determine the boiler output best suited for your needs.

Property Type No. of bathrooms No. of radiators Model Hot water flow rate Recommended output
Small house or flat 1 Up to 10 Ecofit Pure Combi 25 10.4 l/minute 25 kW
Medium house 1 or 2 Up to 15 Ecofit Pure Combi 30 12.2 l/minute 30 kW
Large house 2 Up to 25 Ecofit Pure Combi 35 14.1 l/minute 35 kW

A higher power output will usually also provide a higher hot water flow rate. With combis, this is particularly important and you will need to choose a boiler powerful enough to provide sufficient shower pressure for your showers and taps.

Hot water flow rates of 10 litres per minute are sufficient for one-shower properties, while a higher hot water flow rate can supply two showers with hot water when run at the same time.

If you require more than two showers running at the same time, it is worth checking out the Vaillant Ecofit Pure system boiler.

Vaillant Ecofit Pure - The System boiler

The Vaillant Ecofit Pure system boiler is perfect for homes with multiple bathrooms. Perhaps, your house has two or more showers that all need to run at the same time of day? If so, the system model will be a great fit for your home.

The Vaillant Ecofit Pure system boiler comes in five different outputs: 12W, 15kW, 18kW, 25kW, 30kW. System boilers do not need to be as powerful as combi boilers. This is because they incorporate a separate hot water cylinder for heating and storing water.

For system boilers, the required energy output will largely depend on the number of radiators in your house. As a rule of thumb, roughly 1.5 kW is needed to heat 1 radiator and around 3 kW to heat a water cylinder. Based on these values, you can estimate which energy output would be the best fit for your home:

No. of radiators Recommended kW Output
6 12 kW
8 15 kW
10 18 kW
14 25 kW
18 30 kW

Is Vaillant Ecofit Pure an energy efficient boiler?

The Vaillant EcofitPure sits right on the border between A and B ErP ratings, with an efficiency of 89%; when compared to older traditional boilers that had efficiency rates of 60% or below, the Vaillant Ecofit Pure has excellent energy performance. With its great modulation ability to lower its maximum output to just 20% when you need less heat to keep your home comfortable, The Vaillant Ecofit Pure will save you some energy and money.

However, today, there are more efficient boilers on the market. Although it is practically impossible to have a perfectly efficient heating system, many major boiler brands have recently released improved versions of their ranges which come with energy efficiencies of 92% and higher. For example, a similar-sized boiler, the Worcester Bosch 4000, has an efficiency of 94%. Therefore, it might be worth looking into alternative options, as the higher the efficiency the less you will pay for your energy bills.

Key characteristics

Easy to install and repair

Due to Vaillant Ecofit Pure's compact design, you can be flexible with its installation. The Vaillant Ecofit Pure is smaller than the average boiler and is great for installations within a kitchen cupboard when space comes at a premium. It also comes with a rear flue option available to give you more choice of where you place the boiler.

Another great thing to point out is that The Vaillant Ecofit Pure is manufactured in the UK, so if your engineer requires replacement parts, he will easily find them on Screwfix, Plumbase and other plumbing merchants, both in-store and online.

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One of the quietest boilers out there

The Vaillant Ecofit Pure has been approved with the Quiet Mark, which indicates it is one of the quietest boilers currently available on the market. Quiet Mark technically assesses and certifies the quietest solutions to unwanted noise.To read more about Quiet Mark and awarded products, click below.

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Compatible with a range of boiler controls

The Vaillant Ecofit Pure is compatible with a range of boiler controls, allowing you extra flexibility with your temperature settings and more control over your heating system. Vaillant’s wi-fi connected smart thermostat, vSMART, allows you to regulate your heating with your smartphone, even when you’re away from home. With time settings, you can set heating and water programmes around your lifestyle, so the heating turns on and off automatically. You can also monitor diagnostics both manually and digitally via the Vaillant’s vSMART™ system, which will make sure the boiler works as efficiently as possible.

Vaillant Ecofit Pure Warranty

The Vaillant Ecofit Pure comes with a standard 2-year warranty, which is rather short, when compared to other boilers on the market. Warranty length is one of the deal-breakers for many and a 2-year warranty raises concerns about the product's quality. However, with Vaillant you can easily upgrade to a free 7 year warranty when you register through Vaillant Advance, Valliant’s loyalty program. We think it is worth doing so for some extra piece of mind.

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Vaillant EcoFit Pure Technical Specifications

Width 390 mm
Height 700 mm
Depth 295 mm
Weight 32 kg
Fuel Type Gas
Energy Efficiency Class A
Water Efficiency Class A
Standard Guarantee 7 years

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