Worcester Bosch Contact Number and Information

Company type: Manufacturer

HQ: Worcester, England

Founded: 1962

CEO: Carl Arntzen

Whether you have a question regarding your product or would like to make a complaint, on this page we’ve listed every Worcester Bosch Contact Number you might need, as well as alternative ways to connect with support teams, including email addresses and service request forms.

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Department Worcester Bosch Contact Number
Customer service (general support) 0330 123 9559
Technical support 0330 123 3366
Book an engineer appointment 0330 123 9339

Smell Gas?

If you think there is a gas leak or a carbon monoxide emergency, call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999. Meanwhile, open the windows, put out any naked flames and leave the property for your own safety.

Book a boiler repair

Service bookings for registered customers

Contract Service Plan keeps your Worcester Bosch boiler and controls working efficiently by providing an annual service. If you are on a Contract Service Plan, you can book a service or report a boiler breakdown by using a button below.

Book a service.

Please call 0330 123 9449 to find out more about the Contract Service Plan or apply for one.

One-off service appointments

If you are not a contract customer, please follow this link to book a one-off repair of your Worcester Bosch product. You will receive a three hour time slot of when to expect your engineer. Please note boiler repairs start from £298 Inc. VAT.

Let us fix your boiler.

At Smart Plan we have thousands of engineers up and down the country who are ready to fix your issue. We guarantee an engineer to your property within 48 hours.

OR 020 8146 3960

Cancel an existing appointment

To cancel an appointment made through the Worcester Bosch system, submit a form by clicking below.

Cancel an appointment

Keep in mind that this form will also cancel all existing appointments you have made through the system.

If you booked it in a different way or would like to cancel or reschedule a specific appointment, please call customer service 0330 123 9559.

Technical support

Experiencing technical issues? Before calling support, read about common Worcester Bosch Technical problems and possible solutions here.

If you require further information about any Worcester Bosch products, need help making sense of fault codes or product specifications, please contact the Technical team. They will be happy to assist you with:

  • Pre sales technical advice (recommendations on which product is most suitable for your needs). Boilers vary in size and power, and choosing the right boiler is important to keep you and your home warm and comfortable.
  • Post sales technical advice for installers and engineers.
  • Troubleshooting for homeowners, including questions regarding boilers, cylinders, heat pumps, controls and product accessories.
  • Information about Worcester Bosch product range.

Technical team at Worcester Bosch Contact number: 0330 123 3366

E-mail: technical-advice@uk.bosch.com

Video call technical support

Worcester Bosch now offers a useful video calling platform, Virtual Tech, that will connect you to technical support in real time. This allows you to show any damages/faults with your boiler, describe the problem better and get advice in real time. The tech team will visually assess the severity of the problem to give you guidance.

The platform is free and open to all Technical support line callers. You can choose to use it by inputting personal information, after which, a video stream will be generated with technical support.

Questions about Solar Thermal hot water solution

Worcester Bosch offers its hot water solution, Solar Thermal, that helps you save on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. The system uses Worcester Bosch Greenskies Solar Panels to capture solar energy, which is then used to heat the water in your house.

If you own a solar hot water system already or would like to find out more about different styles of solar collectors, speak to a dedicated team member by calling 0330 123 9339. The team will also be able to answer any questions you may have about guarantees or will help you book renewable engineers for service.

Access product manuals and instructions

We’ve all been there: manuals just disappear when we need them most. If you can’t find yours, you can easily access it online. Sort manuals by boiler type, find brochures about controls and thermostats and explore useful hints that will help your day-to-day maintenance of Worcester Bosch products.

Find your manual

If you would like to request a hard copy, you can do so by emailing brochure-request@uk.bosch.com or calling 0330 123 9119.

Make a complaint or leave feedback

Whether positive or negative, it is always important to share your experience. To submit a general enquiry or leave feedback, click here. If you would like to make a formal complaint about a Worcester Bosch product or service, submit a complaint form below.

Make a complaint

All complaints go through a three-step process and require investigation by the Customer Relations Coordinator. Familiarise yourself with the process to know when to expect a response.

  1. Worcester Bosch Customer Relations team will log the details of your complaint as soon as it is received.
  2. Following receipt, the complaint is assessed and acknowledged within 5 working days.
  3. As soon as the Customer Relations Coordinator comes to a conclusion, you will receive a response. In most cases, this happens within two weeks, but may take up to a month. If the issue is complicated, the team may request further information or notify you by mail about a delay in the process.
  4. If you are not happy with the response to your complaint or need further clarifications, please call customer service or use the live chat feature on Worcester Bosch website. Don’t forget to quote your complaint number.

Register and check your Guarantee

Register your boiler for Guarantee

Your Worcester Bosch Guarantee is incredibly important, as it entitles you to free repairs, replacement parts and callout. Usually, registering your guarantee is your installer’s job; however, if you need to register your new Worcester Bosch product yourself, follow this link.

You will need to provide your contact details and installation information. If you’d like to do it over the phone, use this Worcester Bosch Contact Number for guarantee registration: 0330 123 2552.

Check your boiler's Guarantee Length

To make sure your product is still under guarantee, simply enter your 23 digit serial number (can be found on the label on the front of the cylinder) into this online tool. It is an easy and reliable way of reminding yourself about the Guarantee end date.

For training and quality assurance purposes, calls to and from Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd may be recorded.

Still need help with your Worcester Bosch boiler?

Call Smart Plan and speak to our expert engineering team free of charge.

0333 772 6247