A quick guide to your Worcester Bosch Guarantee

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HQ: Worcester, England

Founded: 1962

CEO: Carl Arntzen

Worcester Bosch takes great pride in its guarantees, and rightly so: it is one of the very few manufacturers that offer a guarantee over a warranty.

In this guide, we will explain the difference between a guarantee and a warranty, and cover the guarantee’s terms and conditions.

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What is a boiler guarantee?

In the event of a fault or boiler breakdown, a boiler guarantee covers the whole boiler and its parts, and there are no extra costs for labour. Having a guarantee gives you extra peace of mind, as it means that manufacturers make a promise to repair your boiler regardless of the cause. The Worcester Bosch guarantee also specifies that you will not be charged for a guarantee call out visit by one of their engineers, providing that your boiler is serviced annually.

How is a boiler guarantee different from a boiler warranty?

A boiler warranty is a contract made by the boiler manufacturer to investigate the problem with your boiler, but not necessarily fix it free of charge. Warranties are prone to all sorts of small text which may result in engineers declining your service requests or charging you extra.

A boiler warranty may only cover certain parts of the boiler and may not cover the cost of labour if a repair is needed. This means that warranties entitle manufacturers to charge for call outs, which can be an unwanted and unexpected expense.

These slight differences between the two make a guarantee seem like the superior option, and is certainly something to consider when choosing a new boiler. Warranties and guarantees are mutually exclusive, meaning you will only receive one or the other. Worcester Bosch only offer guarantees on their products, which emphasises the great reliability of their boilers.

Worcester Bosch Guarantee Terms and Conditions

In order to secure the Worcester Bosch guarantee and keep it valid, you will need to ensure the following:

  1. The boiler must be installed by a certified Gas Safe engineer.
  2. Your installer is responsible for registering the boiler within 30 days of the boiler installation date. However, if for some reason you have to do it yourself, you can do this by filling in a form here. Your installer is responsible for registering the boiler within 30 days of the boiler installation date. However, if for some reason you have to do it yourself, you can do this by filling in a form here.
  3. The boiler must be installed in a domestic home.
  4. The boiler must be serviced by a Gas Safe engineer on an annual basis.

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What does Worcester Bosch guarantee cover?

Worcester Bosch Guarantees cover repair and replacement of components, free of material and labour charges. This means that most technical faults or defects will be fixed for free and the affected parts will be replaced if they can no longer be repaired. The Worcester Bosch guarantee will also cover any own brand accessories and parts installed at the same time as the boiler, for example, thermostats and system filters.

What does it not cover?

Although the guarantee covers most faults that result in boilers malfunctioning, there are some exceptions. The following are not covered by the Worcester Bosch Guarantee:

  • Boilers that have been moved from their original place of installation.
  • Consumable items associated with fair wear and tear, including oil filters and batteries.
  • External system components such as radiators, pumps, 3rd party filters, water, and oil storage tanks.
  • Damage as a result of scale, sludge build-up that results in blockages. To prevent those, Worcester Bosch recommends the installation of system filters. Doing so will also increase the length of your guarantee.
  • Damage as a result of neglect, misuse, or accident.
  • Self-maintenance tasks such as re-pressurising the boiler, bleeding your radiators and resetting the faulty product. For guidance on how to resolve some of the Worcester Bosch technical issues yourself, please click below.

Worcester Bosch Technical Advice

Booking a boiler repair

If your Worcester Bosch boiler is under guarantee and you encounter an issue with it, click the button below to book a repair. You will need to enter your boiler’s model, serial number, date of installation and your contact details.

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How long does a Worcester Bosch guarantee last?

Every new Worcester Bosch boiler comes with a guarantee of at least 2 years. Depending on the type of boiler, Worcester Bosch will offer different guarantee lengths, always providing an option to extend it (either by paying a little extra or by installing certain Worcester Bosch products, designed to protect your boiler). Your Worcester Bosch guarantee period will commence from the date of boiler installation.

The guarantee on Greenstar gas boilers, which make up the majority of the Worcester Bosch boiler range, starts from 5 years. However, a 10-year guarantee is offered when you choose to install your boiler with a local Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer along with a Worcester Bosch Greenstar system filter*. Lifestyle boilers (currently available for the Greenstar 8000 range) now come with an even longer guarantee of 12 years for customers that install their boilers with system filters*.

For oil boilers, for example, the Greenstar Heatslave, the guarantee starts from 2 years. However, if you opt for a system filter* and a new Worcester Bosch cylinder, you can get up to 8 years guarantee.

*The Greenstar System Filters have been designed to combat the damaging effects of debris and pollutants, allowing homeowners to protect their boilers in the long run. The filters work by having high-powered internal magnets that attract and capture large amounts of waste and help your boiler stay clean and healthy for longer.

Below is a full list of Worcester Bosch’s latest boiler range and their guarantee duration.

Boiler Model Max. guarantee length
Greenstar 2000 6 years
Greenstar 4000 10 years
Greenstar 8000 12 years
Greenstar Utility 7 years
Greenstar Danesmoor 7 years
Greenstar Ri 7 years
Greenstar CDi (Compact and Highflow) 10 years
Greenstar i 10 years
Greenstar Heatslave 7 years

Check your boiler's Guarantee Length

To make sure your boiler is still under guarantee, simply enter your 23 digit serial number (you can find it on the label on the front of the cylinder) into this online tool. It is an easy and reliable way of reminding yourself about the Worcester Bosch Guarantee end date.

How do Worcester Bosch guarantees compare with other boiler manufacturers’ guarantees?

As we mentioned earlier, Worcester Bosch is one of the few manufacturers to offer a guarantee over warranty. Only one other major manufacturer offers a guarantee with the same cover type: the Vaillant boilers come with guarantees ranging from 2 to 10 years. Other competitors, like Viessman and Ideal, provide warranties instead, with lengths of up to 12 years.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Worcester Bosch has one of the best guarantees among its competitors, meaning enhanced protection and a high level of service to its customers.

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